What to expect from private sessions

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What should I expect during my first private session?

We recommend that you arrive early to complete any health history form (or you can complete one beforehand by downloading from our website here) and so that you can enjoy our tea bar. During your first session, your practitioner will review your health history, discuss any major health concerns as well as the reason for choosing the service, and your overall health goals before beginning any treatment or exercise program.

Reserve your private session online.

Consultation vs. Full Session

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Q: When should I book a 30-minute consult and when should I book an initial full session?

A: OMBE offers all of our new guests to book a free 30-minute consult with the exception of massage. This consult gives you the opportunity to meet the practitioner face-to-face, visit OMBE in person, and discuss any health concerns that you have prior to booking an appointment. During these sessions, no treatment is performed. For our exercise-based services, the practitioner may have you complete a basic series of exercises or poses but it is simply to assess how you move, observe injured areas, or determine your general fitness level. You should book this type of session if you are completely new to any service (i.e. you never have take a yoga class before or you have very specific health concerns (i.e. you were diagnosed with infertility and want to try acupuncture), or in general if you are not sure where to begin.

Both consults and initial sessions can be easily booked online. We hope to see you soon at OMBE!

Insurance: To accept or not accept

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We get this question A LOT! And we get it. When you make monthly contributions towards coverage, you want to put it to good use. Here is our policy at OMBE.

Our chiropractor currently accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield for all chiropractic services. Our practitioners generally spend 60-90 minutes with each of their clients.  Unfortunately, insurance carriers generally do not reimburse for that length of time for many of the modalities that the practitioners use. For that reason, we do not bill insurance directly.

However, we can provide you with a super bill (including CPT codes and billing codes) that you can submit directly to your insurance carrier. Several of our patients receive reimbursement this way. You can also consider using your FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and HSA (Health Spending Account) for many of our services.

Finally, some of our services such as acupuncture are considered a medical expense and are tax deductible at the end of the year. We can provide you with detailed receipts.

Always consult with your insurance carrier so that you know exactly what is and is not covered.

20% OFF Marathon Madness

From the desk of Team OMBE…

Running 26.2 this year?  Our sports medicine experts are here to improve your training program and get you across that finish line!

Enjoy 20% OFF all single services and classes through April.  Just be sure to bring your proof of race entry at the time of your first visit.

Single services include acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, naturopathy, nutritional counseling, personal training, Pilates and yoga (classes and private sessions).

All of our group fitness classes will fit appropriately into any marathon training program. Runners especially enjoy our Sunday Yoga for Runners class on Sunday at 9:00am especially when their long run in on a Friday or Saturday. The class focuses on increasing flexibility, with attention to the legs and hips, as it brings balance to your running routine.  Join us in our eco-friendly yoga studio where our classes are for students of all levels.

So call our front desk at 617.447.2222 or book online!

Some words of wisdom about marathon training…










5 Reasons for Runners to Practice Yoga by Sara Packard










Pilates for Runners Part I + Pilates for Runners Part II by Kristen Reynolds











Marathon Training Tips by Jessica Molleur


ONE MIND BODY EARTH. At OMBE, we are committed to integrative medicine and the environment. We synergize Western and Eastern medicine to develop comprehensive treatment plans. Our practitioners combine their expertise and compassion to help each client discover their unique mind-body balance.

Being green is an integral part of our commitment to create a healthy environment for our guests. We only use organic massage oils, PVC-free yoga mats, organic cotton linens, and are dedicated to being at the forefront of the green movement. Essential to our green approach is the use of non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products, energy-neutral policies and our efforts to recycle everything. At our OMBE events, 100% of proceeds go to local environmental charities.

Your experience at OMBE will empower you to achieve your best health, strength and well-being.



Thanksgiving Classes & Hours

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Tuesday 11/26

5:00pm – Restorative Yoga with Vanessa

Regular business hours

Wednesday 11/27

7:00am – Sunrise Yoga with Vanessa

Regular business hours

Thursday 11/28

OMBE is closed.

Friday 11/29 & Saturday 11/30

Regular Business Hours. Classes are cancelled.

We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Managing Stress Event at City Sports

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Social Boston Sports and City Sports will be hosting Managing Stress in Today’s Go Go Go World at the City Sports Boylston Street Store in the Back Bay and OMBE will be there!






Please join us in this community discussion about managing stress with special guests from OMBE and One Medical Group.

When: Wednesday, September 25th from 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Where: City Sports – 480 Boylston St  Boston, MA 02116

What: A community discussion centered around stress in our lives, the dangers of it, and how to manage it through daily activities.

Please submit your burning questions about stress, effects stress has on your health, ways to manage stress, etc. through the event registration by clicking here.

Registered Yoga Instructor, Vanessa Green, will lead the group in a short breathing and relaxation exercise that can easily be done at home or work. Accompanying her will be Certified Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer Nicole Benderand Chiropractor and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Dr. Drew Deppen. Be sure to follow @OMBEboston so you know where we will be next!






More about the event:

We are expected to DO MORE… produce more, network more & earn more. We are more connected than ever before, and yet we’re said to be the loneliest generation ever. We ignore the importance of sleep and embrace caffeine to get us through the day. We are expected to always be ‘on’ and provide instantaneous responses to tweets, texts, snap chats, emails and more. How do you manage to live a successful life in today’s world without stressing the F@%! out?!

How do you find balance? Let us help!


It All Originates from the Core

From the desk of Nicole Bender, CPI…

I’d like to introduce myself as newest Pilates instructor at OMBE. As part of this introduction, I will share with you my own personal experience and philosophy on the importance of making Pilates a part of any fitness regimen.


My career in fitness began as a personal trainer over ten years ago. As part of my work out regimen for clients I prescribe cardiovascular and weight training to increase fitness levels, which in turn helps a person shed pounds. Many people who want to start a fitness regimen place a lot of focus on burning calories and as most of us know, taking that approach is the sure fire way to lose weight which is important, but time and time again I see very fit/thin people with very bad posture and weak cores.






That is why I started to seek out a way to help my clients and Pilates was the answer. But before I just incorporated Pilates into my clients’ workout regimen, I had to see what Pilates could do for me. So I began including Pilates into my workout and was amazed at the results!  I noticed my midsection shape up within two weeks and my back felt stronger, which allowed my posture to improve.  I no longer had to make an effort to hold my shoulders back and pull my stomach in.  Friends started commenting and I started sharing!

Most recently I became Stott Pilates certified.  I believe Stott Pilates, exercises that are designed to restore the naturalcurves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints, are essential for any individual in every day life.   These exercises, placing more emphasis on pelvic and scapular stabilization, integrate to build core strength.  Preparatory exercises and modifications allow the technique to be appropriate for many different body types and abilities. I also recognize the importance of Stott Pilates to sport-specific training, individuals recovering from injury, pre and post-natal, and the aging individual.

I am excited to be the new Pilates instructor at OMBE.  I have so much I want to share with all of you and I know that I can help people transform their bodies in ways they didn’t think possible.  Every move our body makes originates from the core, so shouldn’t it be the most important part of our body to strengthen?








Join me at OMBE for Pilates mat classes on Mondays at 6:30pm or Thursdays at 12:00pm. Book online or call the front desk at 617.447.2222 to reserve a space in class. To see maximum results, I offer private training on the reformer. Click here for more information on private sessions.




From the desk of OMBE…




OMBE will be launching our refer-a-friend program called SHARE the LOVE this fall!  We are really excited to offer some great benefits to our regular clients and welcome new ones through the door. Stay tuned for program details about how you can SHARE the LOVE.


From the desk of OMBE…





The #BacktoBackBay campaign is a way for the community to support local businesses affected by the Boston Marathon.  Tonight is the first event that has come from this campaign and it involves a Pub Crawl that starts at 6pm.  Please support our local businesses – whether it’s for a quick bite to eat or beverage – a little will go a long way.

While you are in the neighborhood, stop by OMBE to learn more about our integrative health services and classes.  Our April specials include:

10% OFF your 1st 80-minute Massage

20% OFF21-Day Spring Cleanse

10% OFF a 10-pack of Prenatal Yoga classes

20% OFF Marathon Special