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From the desk of Sarah J. Rogers,  LMT…

Many of us think of health as mostly an internal process.  It won’t take you long in reading OMBE’s blog to realize that though we know and believe that the internal processes of our bodies are essential to our well-being, we see this as just a piece of our overall health and well-being.  Let’s take a moment to start from the ground up – literally.

Foot health has evolved as a hip subject of interest especially as we see athletes romping around in minimalist footwear.   Our feet take a beating no matter who we are and what we do – and they need love! Research on the efficacy of manual stretching of the foot versus manual stretching of the calf to relieve foot pain is limited, however we can speculate that a combination of both would serve us best as our lower leg functions to create motion at the ankle and within the foot (remember the song the hip bone is connected to the leg bone?).

Ensuring that healthy muscle length is maintained in the legs and the feet can prevent injuries to the muscle and connective tissue – a well-known example: plantar fasciitis.  The fascia of the foot is a thick piece of connective tissue which supports the long arch of the foot.  Although it is not a true extension of your Achilles tendon, the plantar fascia follows the same functional line of movement as your Achilles tendon and, therefore, is subject to similar functional
patterns as those of the calf and Achilles proper.

Evidence points to most injury and damage to the plantar fascia occurring at the heel-end of the tissue.  Many people will feel a piercing pain at the front end of their heel when they are experiencing the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.  A combination of soaking your feet in warm Epsom salt baths, manual therapies such as massage and stretching, and proper footwear is ideal for happy feet.

A 30-minute massage sessions is a perfect opportunity to receive focused work on your precious feet.

Additionally, the wonderful practitioners at OMBE would also love to help you take care of your feet!  Sign up for a private Integrative Health consultation and find out how to best address your foot concerns.  Book a session with Erik for a gait analysis and orthotic fittings or enjoy a wonderful 30 minute foot/calf massage and stretching session.

Enjoy happy feet!


Sarah J. Rogers, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Sarah J. Rogers is a licensed massage therapist who received her training at the Cortiva Institute in Watertown, Massachusetts. Her practice focuses on the mind-body relationship and the usefulness of this connection not only for healing, but also for seeking balance in everyday life. Sarah brings her experience as an athlete and her compassion for mind-body health to her practice, inspiring growth and comfort in her clients. Along with massage, Sarah is now offering Active Isolated Stretching which can be done alone or in tandem with massage therapy. Employing techniques focusing on relaxation, neuromuscular therapy, stretching, myofascial release, and overall balance, Sarah will work with you to develop a treatment style that suits your needs.

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