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Practitioner Highlight- Bec Conant

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 8.54.31 AMWhere are you originally from?
Jamaica Plain, MA

 What is your favorite recipe or favorite activity outside of OMBE? 
Favorite activity is riding my bicycle on long rides around Concord and Lexington.

Where is your “happy place”? 
Locally it’s the esplanade, otherwise it’s Karme Choling, a Buddhist retreat center in northern VT

 What is the service you offer at OMBE? 
I teach prenatal yoga, mom and baby yoga, and hypnobirthing classes. I also do private lessons

What is your favorite quote? 
“I believe in the spirit. I believe the manifestation of that spirit is dance.” Judith Jameson

What tip can you offer clients that is specific to your field?
Tadasana (mountain pose) is the foundation for every standing posture and helps us feel stable and grounded. Focus on feeling the weight of your body falling straight through your legs into the earth and you have the entire planet supporting you no matter what you are doing.

Check out Bec’s class schedule on our OMBE website! Trust us when we say you don’t want to miss this!

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