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575 Boylston Street 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02116
Class Descriptions

ballet barre
This class is a unique fusion of classical Pilates mat and ballet barre exercises. A total body workout that focuses on alignment, balance, and core stability. Reserve a class space online.
breastfeeding drop-in group
Meet other moms who are breastfeeding, see what questions they are asking, how they are answered, and get answers and tips to your own questions regarding breastfeeding from your peers as well as from a breastfeeding counselor. Reserve a space online.
core + flow
This class encompasses a whole body wellness approach to build core strength. You will flow through yoga sequences incorporating dance conditioning, strengthening exercises and breath work to invite ease and efficiency into your movements. Reserve a class space online.
first-time moms' support group
For moms with babies under 12-weeks old who are experiencing motherhood for the first time. Venture out of the house to a mother- and baby-friendly place, and meet regularly with people who will be thrilled to see you every week! Reserve a space online.
holistic moms network
The Holistic Moms Network is a national non-profit that has been supporting families in their parenting choices for over ten years. OMBE hosts the monthly Back Bay Chapter meeting on the second Tuesday of every month from 7-9pm. Connect with like-minded families, meet your chapter co-leaders, and sign-up for this new HMN chapter! Meetings are open to all members. Non-members are welcome to attend one meeting before joining. RSVP to let us know you're coming!
Designed by Marie Mongan, the HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method program is based upon the idea that a natural, comfortable birthing can be realized through deep relaxation and freedom from fear. Expectant couples take HypnoBirthing® classes with certified practitioners and learn how to achieve profound relaxation together. They also learn specific techniques for all aspects of birthing—from riding surges (contractions), to speaking to medical professionals in way that produces the best environment for birthing. HypnoBirthing® is becoming very popular among couples and the caregivers because the results are so great—fearless pregnancy, fearless birthing and really mellow babies. Reserve a class space online.
kids yoga
Yoga comes to life in these fun and creative classes designed to stimulate a young child's growing curiosity. This class will include active and passive yoga poses along with imaginative relaxation techniques. We'll spark the child's inner yogini while enhancing language development, motor coordination, play skills and body awareness. Parents are invited to stay and observe classes however these classes are designed for children to make friends and start to gain independence and build confidence. There is a class for ages 2 through 5 years and another class for ages 5 through 8 years. Reserve a class space online.
meditation in motion
This class begins with a meditation and gradually moves into a slow flow helping students develop mindfulness both on and off the mat. Reserve a class space online.
mindful flow
This class is designed to connect the mind and body through the union of flowing postures and breath. Every mindful flow class concludes with guided meditation and relaxation. Reserve a class space online.
mom & baby yoga
Mom and Baby yoga is a yoga class specifically designed to help you recover from the impact of pregnancy and birth on your body, and to cope with the physical and mental challenges of new motherhood. We focus on relieving common aches and pains associated with caring for a new baby, (shoulders, neck, lower back), as well as helping you to rebuild and tone the abdominals and pelvic floor. This is a great class to relax and connect with your baby and meet other moms in a lighthearted, and fun atmosphere. Babies are welcome until they are crawling and sometimes involved in the practice. You are welcome to do anything with them you would do at home-including feeding, changing diapers, and all manners of soothing. You may also arrive up to 20 minutes late for class as babies do not always conform to the adult world schedule. A great way to ease back into yoga and make friends with your new body. Reserve a class space online.
natural childbirth education
Birth is the process that accompanies the transition from pregnancy into motherhood. In this class you will learn techniques to help smooth that transition and help you to achieve your ideal natural birth experience. This class will cover the process and physiology of labor. We will focus on how to best support this intensely transformative event with techniques such as massage, breathing, positions, and relaxation. Through a combination of lecture and hands-on practice you will gain practical experience in the techniques for achieving your ideal birth; be it fully unmedicated or not. Handouts will be provided on interventions, medical procedures and communicating your birth preferences with your care providers. This class provides you and your partner the opportunity to connect as you work together to welcome the next member of your family. Reserve a class space online.
Pilates mat
This class presents a challenging series of classical and contemporary Pilates exercises that focuses on developing core strength, flexibility, and balance. All Pilates mat classes incorporate props to enhance mat work and are limited to six participants ensuring that each student receives individual instruction. Reserve a class space online.
post-natal Pilates
This energizing workout consists of Pilates Mat repertoire to restore your body into pre-pregnancy shape, as well as strengthening and stretching exercises that target areas related to pregnancy, delivery, and childcare. This class helps new moms reestablish the connection of the pelvic floor and abdominal walls, focus on postural alignment, and improve breath work. Reserve a class space online.
power hour yoga
Power hour is a vinyasa-based flow class that will challenge you. These classes are powerful and energizing. During power hour your mind-body connection will grow and expand. With an awareness of alignment and flow, you will be exposed to poses that will test your limitations in a safe environment. Reserve a class space online.
pre-natal yoga
This class is designed for pregnant women who are both new to yoga and for those who have a continuing practice. Students will learn poses and modifications for all stages of pregnancy, with a focus on increasing strength, flexibility, and tone. Women will bond with their babies through relaxation practice, developing breathing techniques that will be valuable throughout pregnancy, as well as during the labor and delivery process. Prenatal yoga is an excellent way to nourish and to develop a deeper trust in the body during pregnancy and beyond. Reserve a class space online.
restorative yoga
This all-levels class moves students through a gentle flow including restorative poses to help the body and mind find union in a deep and quiet relaxation. Props are used to support the body and help students invite rest and relaxation into their day. Reserve a class space online.
second-time moms' support group
For moms who have added a second child to their family and would like to meet with other mothers who are experiencing the ups and downs of two kids and meeting their competing needs. There are logistics to consider, the sense of being "outnumbered", as well as the whole experience of loving different children in different ways and watching the ways in which a second child grows and changes your family dynamic. Reserve a space online.
sunrise flow
Begin the day with this dynamic vinyasa class suitable for all levels. Students are led through a series of flowing postures, designed to open the body and calm the mind. This class will help students meet the rest of their day with calm and balanced energy. Reserve a class space online.
vinyasa flow
Students are led through a series of dynamic postures, designed to open the body and calm the mind. The focus of this class is on developing strength and flexibility, while cultivating concentration and bringing awareness to the body. This class is open to students of all levels and allows for each student to develop and nourish a personal practice. Reserve a class space online.
yoga for fertility
This class is designed for women to discover the therapeutic benefits of yoga and develop a deeper trust in the body during conception and beyond. Students will be introduced to the practice of meditation, stillness and body awareness. This relaxation practice will help individuals develop breathing techniques to open the body and calm the mind. This yoga class is a progressive six-week series limited to six participants and pre-registration is required. Contact OMBE for our next yoga for fertility class opening.
yoga for runners
This class focuses on increasing flexibility, with attention to the legs and hips, bringing balance to your running routine. Reserve a class space online.
Pilates & yoga at OMBE
OMBE's Pilates and yoga classes provide a welcoming atmosphere for students of all levels. Our sunny, eco-friendly studio features eco-friendly mats, bamboo props, organic cotton blankets, and bolsters. All of our Boston Pilates and yoga classes are limited to six students, ensuring that students receive the one-to-one attention that they deserve. OMBE’s classes focus on integrating the mind and body, helping students to cultivate mindfulness and body awareness. Our Pilates and yoga instructors encourage students to develop their strength, flexibility, and a deeper sense of relaxation. Students develop a strong core and fundamental understanding of key movements so that they can practice with confidence. Private Pilates and yoga sessions are designed for clients with specific health conditions, those new to Pilates or yoga, and for students looking to improve their strength and conditioning as well as deepen their practice. Reserve a class space online.
Pilates & yoga class policies
If you are new to our studio, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to register and complete a class waiver. All students are welcome to arrive early to relax and enjoy our organic tea bar. Please turn off all cell phones before arriving at OMBE and remove your shoes before entering class. If you arrive late to class, you may not be permitted to enter to prevent disturbing other guests. Yoga students under the age of 18 are not permitted in our regular classes. OMBE provides eco-friendly Pilates and yoga mats and props for no additional fee but please feel free to bring your favorite mat to class. Reserve a class space online.