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Boston, MA 02116


At OMBE, we are committed to integrative medicine and helping each guest discover their unique mind-body balance. Our packages are a perfect way to discover your best health, strength, and well-being. Choose a combination package, a series of your favorite service, or customize a treatment series with OMBE's Choose Your Own Adventure package.



reflexology massage
3-series $1295-series $20510-series $390

*Series pricing is based on 25-minute massage sessions.

3-series $2405-series $37510-series $700

*Series pricing is based on 50-minute massage sessions.

3-series $3305-series $52510-series $990

hot stone
3-series $4055-series $65010-series $1250

*Series pricing is based on 80-minute massage sessions.

Rolf structural integration
10-series $2050

*Series pricing is based on 75-minute massage sessions.

Rolf structural integration
10-series $2550

*Series pricing is based on 90-minute massage sessions.

nutrition series
4-series $3368-series $632

*Series pricing is based on 50-minute nutrition sessions


private sessions 5-series $410 10-series $790 15-series $1140

group sessions*
duet $225trio $175quad $150

*Group session pricing is based on a 5-session package. Above pricing is per person.

intro 5-series

private sessions
5-series $44010-series $85015-series $1230

group sessions
duet $225trio $175quad $150

*Group session pricing is based on a 5-session package. Above pricing is per person.

intro private 3-series

private sessions
5-series $40010-series $76515-series $1140

group 5-series
duet $225trio $175quad $150

group 10-series
duet $400trio $300quad $250

group 15-series
duet $525trio $375quad $225

*Above pricing is per person. All packages expire six months from purchase date.


the triathalon
3 sessions $270
This injury rehabilitation series combines an initial chiropractic session, an exercise rehabilitation session, and a private Pilates session. Practitioners focus your training program to get you back to your event in top form.
fitness fusion
3 sessions $284
New to personal training? Try our fitness fusion package to reinvent your workout and assess your fitness level. You'll be challenged by the fusion of strength training, dance-inspired movements, core work, yoga, and much more! Perfect for that energy boost and training jump start.
sport psychology 101
3 sessions $284
Learn the meaning of mind-body medicine with the trifecta of a private Pilates session, yoga session and an initial nutritional counseling session. This package will challenge you to beat plateaus and rethink your training.
title IX
3 sessions $306
Not all training programs are created equal. Our title IX package was created for women by women. The combination of an initial chiropractic session, initial acupuncture session, and private Pilates session will move you beyond your personal best.
performance fuel
3 sessions $315
An initial nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and private yoga you'll have all right tools for optimal performance and well-being. Whether your goal is improved endurance or strength, you will discover the ideal foods and ways to recharge for your training table and best sport performance.
yin & yang
3 sessions $324
Relax, rejuvenate, and recover with our yin & yang series-a perfect blend of energy and relaxation therapy. The yin: massage. The yang: active stretching. (Don’t worry, we’ll do most of the work.) This package includes three 80-minute sessions combining the power of massage with targeted stretching. Perfect for runners, triathletes, and weekend warriors gearing up for summer.
choose your own adventure
10 sessions $870
Have you always been a trailblazer? Treat yourself to this 10-session package to experience all of OMBE's services and design your own path to wellness. This package includes an initial acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy, nutritional counseling, and life coaching sessions. You'll also receive a private personal training, Pilates, and yoga session. Perfect for your favorite someone that likes to lead the pack.

*All packages expire six months from purchase date.