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"Working with ERIN WALKER has been one of the HIGHLIGHTS in my very challenging IVF journey..."
"Working with Erin Walker has been one of the highlights in my very challenging IVF “journey”. Over a 1.5 year period, we had done 5 fresh cycles and two frozen transfers – all unsuccessful with the frustrating diagnosis of unexplained infertility. I had seen three other acupuncturists throughout that period but wasn’t connecting with them and wasn’t feeling like I was getting anything out of it. For our sixth and final fresh IVF, I decided to do absolutely everything I could to maximize our chances. This included working with Erin for every week for six months leading up to the retrieval and transfer, as well as working with Jackie Rho, the naturopath at OMBE.

Every week, I learned something new from Erin. I really understood what acupuncture could do, and we were tracking the results through my basal body temp charts which really improved. As a type A personality I wanted to do our next cycle in three months, but with Erin’s guidance, saw the wisdom in waiting six months to really give my body a chance to get to the best place possible, specifically giving my eggs a three month lead time to be as healthy as possible before retrieval.

Each week, we would discuss changes seen, and Erin has a wealth of knowledge to share for all the random questions that come up during this journey, from trying naturally to understanding/interpreting what the IVF doctors are saying. Also, with my busy work schedule that requires a lot of travel, Erin was so accommodating with her schedule to make it work for me. It was so helpful to have someone who truly was on my side!

The best news is that IVF cycle 6 worked! We are due August 2014. My IVF doctor thinks it was a lucky egg. But considering the volume of other eggs we tried, I have to tip my hat to all of the assistance I got from Erin both through acupuncture, calming presence and guidance."

-Heather M., Financial Services, Age 40
" doesn’t get any BETTER than ASHLEY as your PILATES instructor!"
"Ashley Piccinni made Pilates a great experience! Knowing she has the background as physical therapist was very reassuring and her classes were so fun. The classes are small so you get one on one personal attention. She has great energy and I loved going for a great workout every week. If you’re thinking of trying Pilates, OMBE is a beautiful, clean studio with an amazing view and it doesn’t get any better than Ashley as your Pilates instructor!"
-Emily T., Surgical Physician Assistant, Age 29
"Dr. Jacqueline Rho is a comprehensive doctor who provides the most authentic and individualized care for all her patients. After learning that a number of family members suffer from chronic heart disease and arthritis, I decided to self-educate on ways to avoid or prolong these conditions. I started with the internet as my resource and received an abundance of information. I was quickly overwhelmed with the conflicting information leaving me with feelings of anxiety and confusion. I decided to seek professional care, and immediately arranged an appointment. Dr. Rho thoroughly covered my medical history, listened to my concerns, and conducted a complete physical exam. Her ability to explain the true meaning of health and common denominators to chronic disease astounded me. I left with a comprehensive customized plain, greater knowledge, and higher self confidence. I am forever grateful for Dr. Jacqueline Rho’s knowledge and wisdom."
"SARAH is an INCREDIBLE MASSAGE therapist..."
"Sarah is an incredible massage therapist. I have tried many massage therapists. I continue to go back to Sarah because I know, that without fail, I will leave feeling lighter and looser. Sarah helped me regain my range of motion after an intensive hip surgery. She takes the time to listen to you and ensure she will be able to address your tension. She uses myofascial release and stretching in a very intuitive way."
-Naomi N.
"We are so thankful to Dr. Rho and we LOVE NATUROPATHIC medicine..."
"I have been suffering from extreme sensitivity to sounds and have had a sharp “electronic-like” headache without cease. I couldn’t make a phone call, couldn’t talk much, couldn’t go to a restaurant, and couldn’t go to any social gathering. I went to my ENT doctor (because I have a history of cholesteatoma, which led to surgery and removal of the inner ear) and he said the headache was not from my ear. He gave me medication like Valium to calm me down and referred me to a neurologist. I had a MRI and CAT-scan, but nothing was found. The doctor gave me the strongest pain killer to kill my nerve...Dr. Rho continued to take care of my care afterwards. My headache is almost gone and I can sing and listen to music, go to a restaurant with friends, and am able to go to church again. Dr. Rho is taking care of my whole health now and I go to my M.D. to get my regular blood test. Dr. Rho provides all the nutrition I need for my health and she takes care of my blood pressure, glucose, and other things. I adore Naturopathy because it makes my life so easy and there are no side effects! My husband is also experiencing amazing progress with the naturopathic care from Dr. Rho. He has a serious skin condition that has been going on for more than 30 years. He’s been going back and forth to the dermatologist and all the doctor gives him is steroid creams. When uses the cream, the problem goes away but it always comes back. On and off, for a long time, he’s been fighting with dryness and itching. Dr. Rho started to treat my husband from about 1 year ago. After testing for things that are not common in conventional medicine, changing his diet, and providing nutrients that he needs, my husband’s skin problem is cured about 90%. He can sleep at night now. Of course, Dr. Rho has helped with lowering his cholesterol and his blood glucose. His M.D. was surprised when he went to check up. Dr. Rho is our doctor, and the doctor who we can rely on. We are so thankful to Dr. Rho and we love Naturopathic medicine."
-Okhee R., Secretary, Age 59
"I would LOVE to take more BARRE classes with ASHLEY..."
"The instructor for my barre class, Ashley Piccinni, was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. She made sure to adjust my posture when necessary, and explain to me why certain positions were more beneficial than others and how it would make an overall impact on my training. The music was fun and upbeat, which made the intense workout go by quickly! Ashley made sure to answer all of my questions, and focus on the areas that I was most concerned about. The workout definitely burned – in a good way! I would love to take more barre classes with Ashley, as it is clear she cares about her clients and wants them to reach their personal goals and succeed."
-Alexandra P.
"After trying to conceive for almost two years, a woman in my FERTILITY support group suggested that I try ACUPUNCTURE with JESSICA..."
"After trying to conceive for almost two years, a woman in my fertility support group suggested that I try acupuncture with Jessica. I had been diagnosed with ovulatory dysfunction and was told that my chances of conceiving naturally were highly unlikely. After three months of acupuncture, I started to have my period again and was feeling less anxious. Jessica had referred me to an endocrinologist but my husband and I still felt that we weren't ready for some of the recommended treatments including IVF. For more than six months, my cycle continued to improve in every regard until I panicked when I skipped my period in the seven month. I was so thrilled to find out that I was pregnant and now finding that acupuncture was helpful for morning sickness! Jessica was so supportive during the entire process, right up to the birth of our sweet baby girl. My only wish is that I had known about OMBE and the amazing benefits of acupuncture two years ago!
- Jenn S., Accountant, Age 35
"I followed ASHLEY to OMBE..."
"I followed Ashley to OMBE. I had taken several of her Pilates and Barre classes previously and loved her style and attention to each person in class, no matter the size. As I took more classes, I talked with Ashely to find out that she is also a Physical Therapist and was able to tailor moves and focus on certain areas for my problematic back. It is really great the personal attention she gives at every session! Ever since I walked in the doors at OMBE I have been in love. The location is great, the space is welcoming and inviting and the staff is amazing!"
- AF
"DR. RHO approached my symptoms with a careful evaluation of my LIFESTYLE and NUTRITIONAL intake..."
"Before my first consultation with Dr. Rho, I had been experiencing hormonal imbalances feeling constantly tired, cloudy, complacent and on the brink of depression for two-to-three years. During that time, I'd seen multiple doctors to discover the root of my symptoms, which was resolved by the suggestion to take five prescriptions that would temporarily treat the symptoms, but not actual problem. Albeit appreciative of my doctors' attempts to troubleshoot the issues—and frustrated by the lack of answers—I, at 30 years old, was not ready to commit to a life of prescription medications without resolving the core issue. Dr. Rho approached my symptoms with a careful evaluation of my lifestyle and nutritional intake, health history and assessment of blood tests, and a breadth of knowledge on the body to arrive at the root of the problem. In only two months of treatment (so far), my hormones have been regulated, my energy restored, and I feel mentally balanced and eager to learn what else life has in store. "
-Lauren V.
"As a MASSAGE therapist for eleven years, I have received many massages. SARAH's ability to get me to RELAX so quickly is definitely a rarity..."
"I recently had a massage with Sarah. Among various challenges, I am (working three jobs, am two months overdue for a root canal, my father is seriously ill in the hospital)- needless to say I am under a lot of stress! Normally it takes me at least 45 minutes to begin to relax in a massage. Within the first 20 minutes of my massage with Sarah, I was off to that coveted la-la land. She has a very gentle energy and works at a soothingly slow pace that effectively calms a busy mind and overtaxed body. Her hand placements and movements of my body were precise and gentle. She has a very soothing voice and thoughtfully asked and listened to what was going on with me before we started the massage. As a massage therapist for eleven years, I have received many massages. Sarah's ability to get me to relax so quickly is definitely a rarity. I recommend a massage with her with full confidence that you will be cared for!!"
-Anonymous, Massage Therapist, Age 35
"...It was through the combined treatment of acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage therapy that I was able to finish my half marathon training AND run my best time..."
It was through the combined treatment of acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage therapy that I was able to finish my half marathon training AND run my best time; beating my previous best time by 7 minutes! I developed some knee pain with just one month to go in my training. The practitioners were able to figure out what was going wrong, determine a treatment plan and get me back to my training regimen. By alternating acupuncture, chiropractic treatments and massage, I was able to run a healthy and PAIN-FREE half marathon. THANK YOU!
"...I was able to finish the MARATHON in a respectable time and experience the FASTEST recovery time I have ever had..."
In training for the Boston Marathon I was experiencing excruciating pain in both of my knee joints, especially in the longer training runs. At roughly 6 weeks prior to the marathon, I was contemplating not running due to my knee issues. This is when I was convinced to give acupuncture a try. Jessica was able to see me within the week and set up 4 weekly appointments. The first appointment was totally enlightening and educational, Jessica not only administered the acupuncture treatment, but she also educated me about why I was experiencing the pain, taught me proper stretching techniques, and also did a gait analysis. It turns out one of the major reasons for my knee issues was due to my gait. Fortunately, OMBE has a chiropractor on staff, who was able to perform a more in depth gait analysis and set me up with orthotics to aid in my walking/running style. To summarize, within the quick time period between my first appointment and the marathon I experienced noticeable improvements with my knees, and was able to attain a pace (a painless pace!) for the marathon that I had not been able to run at for at least 3 months prior. Despite a non-related injury during the marathon, I was able to finish the marathon in a respectable time and experience the fastest recovery time I have ever had running longer races. I owe this to Jessica’s treatments, her advice on stretching, and the follow-up appointments post marathon which made my marathon experience a memorable one for all the right reasons. Many thanks to Jessica and the rest of the OMBE staff!
-Tim G.
"I had been having some BACK and SHOULDER problems from playing baseball and was referred to Jess at OMBE..."
OMBE is amazing! Getting off the elevator from busy Boylston St., you instantly feel relaxed and welcomed. I had been having some back and shoulder problems from playing baseball and was referred to Jess at OMBE. I was so impressed with her professionalism and knowledge of the human body. After a few minutes of me explaining where my pain was coming from, she knew exactly what to do. Jess clearly explained to me why I was feeling this discomfort, how acupuncture would help, and other ways I could improve my condition on my own. After a few sessions with Jess, I could clearly see results. I strongly recommend any athlete with nagging injuries to check out OMBE! Thank you Jess!
-Matt B.
"I wish more people had the OPPORTUNITY to work with LAURA!"
After years of suffering with a severe GI disorder, I decided to undergo a proctocolectomy which left me extremely underweight and malnourished. After meeting with Laura Foresta, I was able to finally gain back some much needed weight and keep it on. Since I started to meet with Laura, numerous people in my life have commented on how much healthier I now look. Perhaps most notable is Laura's ability to work WITH your current diet and lifestyle, rather than alter it completely which is why her help has benefited me the most. I wish more people had the opportunity to work with Laura!
-Breanne R., Accountant, Age 23
"...I have never had a MASSAGE quite like Kristen’s. The treatment left me feeling RELAXED..."
I have been seeing Kristen at OMBE since she joined the practice earlier this year, and I keep going back again and again. I have had many massages in the different cities that I have lived, from sports massages to hot stone, and I have never had a massage quite like Kristen’s. The treatment left me feeling relaxed and my body felt like it was working better than it had when I walked in the door. I have dealt with many health problems throughout the years and Kristen always takes the time to discuss my new worries, remembers what was ailing me at my last visit and helps me overcome the effects of old sports injuries. Her background knowledge of the body and how it works is the perfect match for her massage practice. We are able to work together to focus on my health issues and that is something I had not found with other massage therapists.
-Juliana F., Photographer, Age 29
"Laura LISTENED carefully to what I had to say and gave me lots of easy, delicious, and FANTASTIC healthy suggestions to incorporate into my life."
Laura Foresta is a wonderful nutritionist. What I liked best about working with her is she didn’t have a pre-conceived plan or standard formula of what and how I should eat. She asked questions about me: my lifestyle, goals, interests and needs and then formulated fabulous suggestions. I have talked to other nutritionists in the past, who only worked within a certain framework and weren’t able to take their clients needs into account. Laura listened carefully to what I had to say and gave me lots of easy, delicious, and fantastic healthy suggestions to incorporate into my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you, Laura!
"My recent HOT STONE MASSAGE at OMBE with Kristen was an AMAZING experience..."
My recent Hot Stone Massage at OMBE with Kristen was an amazing experience and so restorative to my physical being! Kristen's initial interview on what my targeted needs were was so professional and comforting. Her technique with the hot stones was beyond my expectations, allowing me to have a massage like no other! I felt immediate benefits, and will return soon, as I can't think of anything more beneficial to my well-being!
-Sue L., Nurse, Age 55
"The experience at OMBE sets it apart from any other place I've been to in BOSTON."
I have been attending OMBE for the past two years now and I have never felt better! The experience at OMBE sets it apart from any other place I've been to in Boston. I love my Pilates class. It has allowed me to reach new limits. I love how clean the facility is and how professional the people are!
-Erin C., Sales Manager, Age 30
"We were so HAPPY to finally welcome our daughter a few months later and I was so lucky to discover ACUPUNCTURE."
I was referred to Jessica through one of the women in my fertility support group who had gotten pregnant while seeing her for acupuncture. I had been diagnosed with PCOS and had tried to get pregnant unsuccessfully for two years. After three unsuccessful IVF cycles, I was pretty frustrated and started to lose hope. I started to see Jessica three months before my next IVF cycle and started to notice all these unexpected changes-less allergies and less fatigue! When the next cycle failed, Jessica was incredibly compassionate and encouraging every step of the way. When we finally got pregnant on the next cycle, I was thrilled and then came the terrible migraines. Acupuncture helped me survive my first trimester without headaches, and helped the sciatica that started in my seconnd trimester. We were so happy to finally welcome our daughter a few months later and I was so lucky to discover acupuncture!"
-Justine N., Nurse Practitioner, Age 37
"I ENJOY the small classes where everyone is able to get PERSONAL attention."
I’ve worked with [licensed acupuncturist] Jessica for more than a year and have been really pleased to have her as a partner in my personal health care. Through acupuncture we’ve been able to treat the issues that originally brought me in for treatment as well as other that have developed. Her whole health approach has been a welcome reprieve from the frustrations I’ve encountered with Western medical practitioners. I know that others would be pleased with the results of adding her to their care team. In my Pilates individual sessions with Lisa, we've been able to target areas I need to strengthen, while working within my injury limitations, and never feeling like the injuries are compromising the quality or intensity of my workout. The mat classes have also been very helpful in creating some consistency to my Pilates workouts. I enjoy the small classes where everyone is able to get personal attention. I've liked that there are some exercises that we do each session that allow me to measure my progress while still being offered new challenges at each class. I also have been very pleased with the approach that Erik takes to chiropractic care. I’ve used chiropractic in the past and have been put off by the desire to get my back to crack as a measure of successful treatment. Erik’s approach has been focused on getting musculature of my injured areas to relax and release as opposed to just focusing on an adjustment that my body may not be ready to cooperate with. "
-Jess L., Marketing Consultant, Age 32
"The surroundings at OMBE are WONDERFUL and extremely RELAXING."
The surroundings at OMBE are wonderful and extremely relaxing. The massage therapist-Kristen Lutz-was very professional and caring. It was a great experience and one that I will share with anyone willing to listen!
-Edith V., Advanced Practice Nurse
" OMBE you will find the care COMPASSIONATE and PROFESSIONAL; the environment calm, "green" and beautiful..."
Acupuncture works! And at OMBE you will find the care compassionate and professional; the environment calm, "green" and beautiful. I came to Jessica not long ago looking for relief from the arthritis pain that had suddenly developed in my right hip. At the time, I was experiencing pain doing the most basic things, like walking, dancing, even driving. This was hugely distressing. But after a few acupuncture treatments, the pain started to subside and I felt like I could manage the disease, even be cured of it. Today, I am happily doing Pilates at OMBE, am in the gym again regularly, riding my bicycle to work in the good weather, and as an added benefit, I have been free of colds and flu for 2 winter seasons (acupuncture immune boosts are great!). And on top of that, I've been released from my lifetime needle phobia! What more can I say-the experience at OMBE has been the best!
-Terry M., Book Designer & Print Production Manager, Age 49
"LISA GRODSKY offers the best of both worlds-PILATES and PHYSICAL THERAPY!"
Lisa Grodsky offers the best of both worlds-Pilates and physical therapy! I feel comfortable knowing that my Pilates instructor has a background in physical therapy. It's important to me to work with someone who understands my injuries and limitations but knows how to push me just enough. Her Pilates mat class rocks-you get so much one-on-one time, you might as well be doing a private session.
"I am so much HAPPIER and less stressed out about food and I feel great. I cannot THANK you enough for your GUIDANCE"
"Laura, I was in to see you maybe two months ago to discuss my struggle getting off some baby weight. You talked to me about ... Intuitive Eating and suggested that it might be a good fit given where I was in my desire to stop dieting and obsessing over food. I wanted to let you know that this has been amazing for me. I am working my way through the book, and while I recognize this new philosophy of eating will take time to fully incorporate to my life, it has already had a huge impact on me. I am so much happier and less stressed out about food and I feel great. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I have also happily begun to shed a few more pounds! It feels effortless and natural. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance. It was exactly the help I needed and I wanted to let you know that.
"...In addition to ACUPUNCTURE, Jessica made sure to take a comprehensive approach with us and address every factor to optimize our chances of getting PREGNANT..."
When my husband and I decided to start a family, we knew we were starting a little bit late in the game but we were both uncomfortable with the idea of using any kind of artificial reproductive technology. After six months of trying without success, we both were starting to rethink things. A friend who had recently had twins after IVF and acupuncture, referred us to Jessica Molleur for acupuncture. In addition to acupuncture, Jessica made sure to take a comprehensive approach with us and address every factor to optimize our chances of getting pregnant. We mapped out a nutrition and exercise plan as well as a strategy to take the stress off of us both which was starting to build. It was great to have someone explain all the current research so we understood the process. We agreed that we would stick with the plan for about six months and then consider alternatives. Six months later, both my husband and I were feeling so much better overall that we decided to keep up the program. Eight months later we were pregnant and it's taken me months to say thank you because I have such a healthy, active little boy!"
-Sara S., Graphic Designer, Age 38
"LAURA FORESTA, you have solved the weight-loss puzzle of my adult life with intuitive eating!"
Laura Foresta, you have solved the weight loss puzzle of my adult life with intuitive eating! First you taught me what my body needs to be nourished and then you suggested I investigate this new way of thinking about food and eating. Little did I know all that would three weeks I lost 5 lbs., my blood sugar is better than it has been in 3 years, I am waking up early and full of energy, and truly feel like I have a new lease on life. Since I have been paying attention to what I eat, I now know what being hungry feels like. I have discovered that sometimes I mistake "hunger" for thirst, fatigue, or boredom. This new lifestyle for me is affecting other areas of my life as well....I am now mindful of each moment and find myself feeling calmer and enjoying things. I almost feel a spiritual change because of this new philosophy. Most of all I feel healthier and so much more hopeful about the future. I have been trying to lose weight for the last seven years unsuccessfully and now quite abruptly you seem to be helping me to reset my metabolism. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me so much on this fascinating journey. My life is richer for all that you are teaching me and I feel in control, revitalized and on the cusp of something great, I can't wait to see what will happen next.
"As a registered nurse, I rely on and believe in the efficacy of western medicine. However, I've been AMAZED by the power of ACUPUNCTURE..."
As a registered nurse, I rely on and believe in the efficacy of western medicine. However, I've been amazed by the power of acupuncture to address problems I could not find successful treatment for in traditional western medicine. Acupuncture has made me feel more healthy than I have ever felt before and Jessica Molleur is a truly inspirational healer and practitioner.
-Jocelyn K., Registered Nurse, Age 23
"...The PILATES class I've been taking with LISA is great..."
I was having a lot of issues with sciatica for about a year. The worst part of it was my complete inability to manage pain-I would get flare ups from nothing. The acupuncture treatment changed that completely. I had a steady curve of getting better and better. I got my life back. The Pilates class I've been taking with Lisa is great. The exercises are really good and she does a great job addressing my health condition.
-Desi R., Graduate Student, Age 29
"LAURA provided my husband and I with a NUTRITIONAL CONSULT. She is extremely KNOWLEDGEABLE and ENERGETIC, with a passion for her work."
Laura provided my husband and me with a nutrition consult. She is extremely knowledgeable and energetic, with a passion for her work. She also thought outside the box meeting our needs rather than imposing the needs of the institution or her agenda onto us! Talking with a professional about nutrition and weight can be a very sensitive process; Laura made us feel so extremely comfortable and we went away with knowledge and skills so that we could manage our health decisions...which of course is the goal!"
"I have recommended the OMBE center to my family, friends, and colleagues."
Jessica and the OMBE Center has been a life saver for me. When I moved to Boston a few years back, I developed fibromyalgia and was having a difficult time using my hands and moving in general due to severe pain. Through weekly acupuncture sessions, the fibromyalgia is under control and I have gained confidence to try exercising and get my health back. Jessica is an excellent practitioner who is very intelligent and sensitive to my needs. I recommended the OMBE center to my family, friends, and colleagues. More recently, with Jen Hernandez, I have had the opportunity for intensive body work. I need deep massage to work out the tension in my muscles and joints that can happen with fibromyalgia, especially in the cold weather. Jen has a great ability to work out the knots and can provide varying strengths of pressure, depending on what I need that day. I usually request foot reflexology which is a great way to distress my whole body in a short period of time."
-Laura C., Scientist, Age 46
"LAURA asked me a lot of questions to get a sense of my NUTRITIONAL needs and my lifestyle and then offered direction that worked within both." -EW
I value not only the information you offered, but the additional resources you provided. The handouts and the websites were helpful resources and a good reminder of the information we discussed. I appreciate your style of communication. You asked me a lot of questions to get a sense of my nutritional needs and my lifestyle and then offered direction that worked within both. There was nothing "cookie cutter" about your advice. The tailored plan really works!