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551 Boylston Street 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02116


complimentary consultation
20 minutes

Schedule this complimentary consultation if you are new to nutritional counseling at OMBE. During this session, you will meet with our nutritional counselor, discuss your nutrition needs, and learn more about the nutritional counseling process.

initial consultation
80 minutes $150

Meet with our nutritional counselor to review the quality of your diet, eating, and lifestyle habits. You will begin to develop the knowledge and skills you need to build a healthy foundation and collaborate with our nutritionist to create an individualized nutrition plan.

nutrition session
50 minutes $95

Schedule a follow-up nutrition session to customize your diet, receive motivational support, and reassess your goals. This session is also ideal for individuals who have completed any of our nutrition series.

prenatal nutrition
80 minutes $150

Meet with our nutritional counselor, to develop a customized nutrition plan for the optimal health of you and your baby. During this session, you will also have the opportunity to discuss breastfeeding and specific health concerns.

grocery store tour
60 minutes $125

Join our nutritional counselor on a personalized tour of your local grocery store or farmer's market to find where the healthy, delicious foods have been hiding all this time. You will also benefit from a question and answer session as you shop, develop the confidence to read food labels, and learn how to develop meal plans.

More About Nutritional Counseling

Your diet has a profound impact on your immune system, energy levels and how your body handles stress. Maintaining optimal nutrition is essential for the prevention and treatment of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and high cholesterol. Nutritional counseling is also a powerful tool in helping several women's health conditions including PCOS, endometriosis, and infertility. Meeting with our nutritional counselor can also take the guesswork out of properly fueling and hydrating for your sport.

Our nutritional counseling services will provide you with a customized plan and motivate you to improve the quality of your diet in a way that fits your lifestyle. Complete our programs confident to plan healthy, satisfying meals to help you improve your health, lose weight, manage chronic conditions, and feel your best. Our prenatal nutrition programs are also an important therapeutic tool for our prenatal clients looking to optimize their well-being during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond. OMBE offers private nutritional counseling sessions as well as ongoing nutrition classes. If you are new to nutritional counseling or you have a question for our nutritional counselor, please contact OMBE to schedule a complimentary consult at our Boston location.