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Jessica L. Molleur is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and massage therapist in Massachusetts and California.  She currently maintains a private acupuncture practice in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood, which was awarded Best Acupuncture Center by Boston Magazine. Areas of specialty include women's health, pregnancy, infertility, pediatrics, and sports medicine. Jessica also serves as a health care consultant for integrative medical institutes, infertility centers, and green spas.

Prior to her consulting work, Jessica founded an integrative health center in Boston. The eco-friendly center was one of the first twenty-five companies certified as a Sustainable Business Leader in Boston. The center was the recipient of several awards, including Mayor Menino's Green Business Award, a multiple recipient of Boston Business Journal's Best Workplace, Boston Magazine's Best of Boston Award for Massage Therapy as well as Best Acupuncturists in Boston, Best Eco-Friendly Massage, Eco-Beauty Bar, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Pilates, and Workout.



50 Easy Things to Improve your Health & Wellness

From the Desk of Karen Fabian, Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher/ERYT 200 HR...

Here are 50 easy things you can do to improve your health and wellness...

1. Exercise at least 3 times per week.

2. Eat more veggies and fruits than processed foods and meat.

3. Floss your teeth every day.

4. Don’t eat while watching television; eat at your table. Say a word of thanks to the earth for providing you with your meal.

5. Hug a dog or a cat, or a horse, or any animal, regularly.

6. If you don’t have a child, take time to appreciate kids when you see them, especially young children.

7. Pay off your debts, or at least have a plan to pay them off.

8. Settle old resentments with family and friends.

9. Get a good night’s sleep and use an amount that is meaningful to you as a guideline to target each night.

10. Keep your house and car clean.

11. Get a physical at least once a year.

12. Make time each day to do something related to your true passion.

13. If you have a car, maintain it to prevent surprise, expensive breakdowns or emergency repairs. If your car is making a strange noise, get it checked out right away.

14. Wear your seat belt.

15. Do not text while driving.

16. If you are not religious in a traditional sense, have a belief system that you can turn to for support or an idea or concept that gives you comfort.

17. Spend time in nature as much as possible.

18. Buy flowers regularly for your work desk or a plant. Have something fresh and alive near where you spend much of your day.

19. Do not put off regularly scheduled medical tests, including regular dental cleanings.

20. Do not buy it if you cannot pay it off in 3 months or less.

21. When you get paid, pay yourself first.

22. If you work more than 50 hours per week and it’s possible to do so, evaluate your current work situation and be sure the hours spent are worth it. They may be; but just be sure.

23. Have a book from your childhood in your house and read passages from it regularly.

24. Go to the beach when you can (but use sunscreen).

25. Unless you have a strong aversion to it, learn how to practice yoga and practice at least 2 times per week, even if it’s just for 15 minutes.

26. Spend time in your car without the radio or music, especially on your drive home from work.

27. Know people in your community and without intruding on their privacy, have regular conversations with them and show an interest in their lives.

28. Ask and listen more than speak.

29. Whenever possible, pay with cash.

30. Remember that things are not always as they seem and spend more time getting your life in order than wondering how everyone else is doing it.

31. If you work at your desk primarily, get up at least once an hour for at least 5 minutes, even if it’s just to walk to the restroom or to get something to drink.

32. Limit or better yet, eliminate eating fast foods from traditional fast food restaurants.

33. Every morning, think of something you can be grateful for by putting a reminder note to ‘be grateful’ inside your medicine chest, or somewhere where you regularly look each morning.

34. Say the things that are hard to say, rather than keeping them inside.

35. Have a comedian on Youtube or a television show you can regularly go to for a good laugh and laugh regularly.

36. Drink more tea than coffee and find some interesting new teas that have health benefits.

37. Buy a reusable mug and take it with you to work. Bring it into your local coffeehouse instead of using disposable cups.

38. Question things that you take for granted and be inquisitive about everything.

39. Wash your hands regularly.

40. Put less stock in your chronological age and pay more attention to whether you are challenging yourself and moving in a direction in your life that is fulfilling and rewarding.

41. Slow down when you see a yellow light instead of speeding up to get through it.

42. Read at least 5 books a year.

43. Instead of looking at social media tools like Facebook or Twitter as a time-waster, look at these platforms as a way for you to build a network of resources and support.

44. Have a mentor.

45. Wear clothes that fit your body.

46. Try as much as possible to keep an open mind.

47. If you don’t have a meditation practice, spend some time sitting in silence each day. If calling it a meditation practice is overwhelming, don’t call it that and just commit to sitting, silent, for a few minutes, each morning.

48. Don’t smoke or chew tobacco.

49. Stay in touch with friends, even if it’s just via phone. Stay open to making new friends, regardless of your age.

50. Have faith, even in things you cannot understand.

Karen Fabian Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher/ ERYT 200HR

Karen Fabian is a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher and a 200 HR Experienced Registered Yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. She began practicing at Baptiste Yoga and after completing her first teacher training, realized it was her passion. After she completed additional training, she began teaching full time and also created a children's yoga program. Karen teaches a style that follows the format of the Baptiste athletic power yoga flow which is appropriate for all levels. She offers modifications, encourages students to practice with compassion as well as providing support and challenge. Her background in health care complements her yoga teaching. She writes a wellness blog and is the owner of Bare Bones Yoga which is dedicated to providing yoga in creative ways to adults and children. She has her Master's in Health Care Administration from Simmons and her undergraduate degree from Boston University in Rehab Counseling.