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AUGUST 19, 2019

More than ever, I find that patients feel overwhelmed navigating through conflicting information in the media on the role of diet, exercise, stress on our overall health and specifically fertility. Exercise more, exercise less-or don't exercise at all. Eat ice cream, don’t eat ice cream. (Yes-there really is a body of research that recommends that women eat full fat dairy to help them conceive.) Eat grapefruit, eat kale, and the list goes on. The truth is that a cookie-cutter treatment plan effective for all patients doesn’t exist. As an acupuncturist and integrative medical professional, I stress this point to all of my fertility clients so that they can begin assembling a supportive team that will help them customize a treatment plan. It’s important to find health care practitioners that will do the same for you so that you can discover your fertility formula. In the meantime, here is my list of 11 things you can do now without any hype. This year, I am adding an 11th "to do" on the list of things to do to improve your fertility and overall health. I can not stress the importance of this 11th item and yet I find that it is rarely discussed by medical professionals. I am referring to the connection between the environment and our bodies, specifically the impact of chemical exposure on our ability to conceive…