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"Acupuncture for infertility changed my perspective on medicine for women's health. I was referred to Jessica by a women in my fertility support group..."



"Acupuncture for infertility changed my perspective on medicine for women's health.  I was referred to Jessica by a women in my fertility support group who had gotten pregnant after seeing her for acupuncture. I had been diagnosed with PCOS and had tried to get pregnant unsuccessfully for over a year. After three unsuccessful IVF cycles, I was pretty frustrated and started to lose hope. I was skeptical and reluctant to try complimentary medicine having a strong background in western medicine.  A second woman in my support group got pregnant after seeing Jessica and I booked my first appointment that night.  We started treatment three months before my next IVF cycle and I noticed all these unexpected changes-less allergies and less fatigue! When the next cycle failed, Jessica was incredibly compassionate and encouraging every step of the way. When we finally got pregnant on the next cycle, I was thrilled and then came the terrible nausea. Acupuncture helped me survive the first trimester. I saw Jessica until the day before I went into labor and the delivery was quick without any complications. We were so happy to finally welcome our healthy, happy daughter!”


“Simply put, you TRANSFORMED the fertility challenge that my husband and I face into a manageable situation. While no one can eradicate our problem at this point in science, you’ve brought me so much PEACE, resolve, and KNOWLEDGE (as power). You have been the only person on this journey with me who’s been successful in this regard (and there have been many faces)! Working with you has allowed me to grow as a woman to own my fertility and explore alternative approaches. You are brilliant, generous and kind. But what has helped me post of all in seeing important results has been your calm, resolute, and optimistic attitude.  I am fortunate to have had the chance to work with you, and thank you for bringing acupuncture to my life at a time when I didn’t know what could possibly help.”

— KB

"I was diagnosed with endometriosis long before I ever considered having children.  After surgery, my symptoms improved marginally but I still struggled some months.  Because of my age and endometriosis history, we were fast-tracked onto IVF once we decided to start a family.  We did not get pregnant the first two cycles and I experienced terrible migraines and fatigue.  A colleague recommended Jessica and I started to do acupuncture prior to our third cycle.  Jessica encouraged me to work on two goals simultaneously-having a child and reducing endometriosis symptoms.  The plan seemed ambitious!  Not only did we welcome a healthy baby boy but we ended up having multiple embryos to use during the next cycle. I am almost one-year postpartum and I can say with confidence that my quality of life has dramatically changed as I am no longer dealing with debilitating symptoms."


"After trying to conceive for almost two years, a woman in my office suggested that I try acupuncture with Jessica. At age 33, I was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve and was told that my chances of conceiving naturally were highly unlikely even with IVF. After six months of acupuncture, I started to have my period again and was feeling less anxious.  Jessica had referred me to another endocrinologist but my husband and I still felt that we weren't ready. For more than six months, my cycle continued to improve in every regard until I panicked when I skipped my period.  I was sure that it was the beginning of early menopause.   I was so thrilled to find out that I was pregnant!  Jessica was so supportive during the entire process, right up to the birth of our sweet baby girl. My only wish is that I had known about OMBE and the amazing benefits of acupuncture two years ago!"


"Acupuncture works! And at OMBE you will find the care compassionate and professional; the environment calm, "green" and beautiful. I came to Jessica not long ago looking for relief from the arthritis pain that had suddenly developed in my right hip. At the time, I was experiencing pain doing the most basic things, like walking, dancing, even driving. This was hugely distressing. But after a few acupuncture treatments, the pain started to subside and I felt like I could manage the disease, even be cured of it. Today, I am happily doing Pilates, am in the gym again regularly, riding my bicycle to work in the good weather, and as an added benefit, I have been free of colds and flu for 2 winter seasons (acupuncture immune boosts are great!). And on top of that, I've been released from my lifetime needle phobia! What more can I say-the experience at OMBE has been the best!”


"As a registered nurse, I rely on and believe in the efficacy of western medicine. However, I've been amazed by the power of acupuncture to address problems I could not find successful treatment for in traditional western medicine. Acupuncture has made me feel more healthy than I have ever felt before and Jessica Molleur is a truly inspirational healer and practitioner.”


"I had seen Jess for various sport injuries over the years.  I was always surprised at how quickly my body seemed to respond to acupuncture.  The worst injury was a rotator cuff tear that had me looking at surgery-the pain was awful.  Jess recommended that I see an orthopedist who helped me figure out a plan in combination with acupuncture to rehab my arm.  I was able to avoid surgery and keep up with skiing.  When my wife and I decided to start our family, I wanted to find the right group of practitioners to help us navigate the process so I emailed Jess for suggestions.  She again referred us to a really great network of providers.  I truly trust her recommendations and my wife now sees her for morning sickness. Many thanks!”


"Jessica and the OMBE Center has been a life saver for me. When I moved to Boston a few years back, I developed fibromyalgia and was having a difficult time using my hands and moving in general due to severe pain. Through weekly acupuncture sessions, the fibromyalgia is under control and I have gained confidence to try exercising and get my health back. Jessica is an excellent practitioner who is very intelligent and sensitive to my needs. I recommended the OMBE center to my family, friends, and colleagues.”


"In training for the Boston Marathon I was experiencing excruciating pain in both of my knee joints, especially in the longer training runs. At roughly 6 weeks prior to the marathon, I was contemplating not running due to my knee issues. This is when I was convinced to give acupuncture a try. Jessica was able to see me within the week and set up 4 appointments, once a week. The first appointment was totally enlightening and educational, Jessica not only administered the acupuncture treatment, but she also educated me about why I was experiencing the pain, taught me proper stretching techniques, and also did a gait analysis. It turns out one of the major reasons for my knee issues was due to my gait. Fortunately, OMBE has a chiropractor on staff, who was able to perform a more in-depth gait analysis and set me up with orthotics to aid in my walking/running style. To summarize, within the quick time period between my first appointment and the marathon, I experienced noticeable improvements with my knees, and was able to attain a pace (a painless pace!) for the marathon that I had not been able to run at for at least 3 months prior. Despite a non-related injury during the marathon, I was able to finish the marathon in a respectable time and experience the fastest recovery time I have ever had running longer races. I owe this to Jessica’s treatments, her advice on stretching, and the follow-up appointments post marathon which made my marathon experience a memorable one for all the right reasons. Many thanks to Jessica and the rest of the OMBE staff!”

— TIM G.

”OMBE is amazing! Getting off the elevator from busy Boylston Street., you instantly feel relaxed and welcomed. I had been having some back and shoulder problems from playing baseball and was referred to Jess at OMBE. I was so impressed with her professionalism and knowledge of the human body. After a few minutes of me explaining where my pain was coming from, she knew exactly what to do. Jess clearly explained to me why I was feeling this discomfort, how acupuncture would help, and other ways I could improve my condition on my own. After a few sessions with Jess, I could clearly see results. I strongly recommend any athlete with nagging injuries to check out OMBE! Thank you Jess!"

— BR

"When my husband and I decided to start a family, we knew we were starting a little bit late in the game but we were both uncomfortable with the idea of using any kind of artificial reproductive technology.  A friend who had recently had twins after IVF and acupuncture, referred us to Jessica Molleur for acupuncture. In addition to acupuncture, Jessica made sure to take a comprehensive approach with us and address every factor to optimize our chances of getting pregnant. We mapped out a nutrition and exercise plan as well as a strategy to take the stress off of us both which was starting to build. She also encouraged us to meet with an endocrinologist to get our initial lab work done.  My husband's sperm count was slightly low so Jessica made further adjustments to his plan in addition to having him start acupuncture.  We agreed that we would stick with the plan for about six months and then return to the endocrinologist. It was a huge commitment, but six months later, both my husband and I were feeling so much better overall that we decided to keep up the program. Eight months later we were pregnant and it's taken me months to say thank you because I have such a healthy, active little boy!”


"I started seeing Jessica a couple of years ago and now I call her first whenever I am experiencing anything health related.   My allergies had gotten to the point of being unbearable so I started acupuncture in the hopes that I could function without taking allergy medication every day.  In addition to acupuncture, Jessica helped me with overhauling my diet and some basic supplementation that she thought would help support my immune system.  To my surprise, my allergies improved so much that I was able to skip allergy shots for the first time in years.  I went months without having to use my allergy medication.  Jessica said that I had officially graduated from acupuncture!  At some point later that year, I became pregnant with my daughter and had terrible sciatica.  I started to miss work and use up precious vacation time that I hoped to use postpartum.  The acupuncture helped me get through the worst phase and Jessica told me that she was graduating me again!  Of course, at 40 plus weeks, my OBGYN started to talk about inducing me so I called Jessica again.  We did three back-to-back sessions and voila!  Our girl arrived just shy of 41 weeks and now I tell all my patients to try acupuncture!"


"My neurologist suggested that I tried acupuncture following a concussion that left me with some memory issues, word recall, difficulty sleeping, and strangely some anxiety.   All of this was becoming problematic since I do a significant amount of travel and public speaking.  I was skeptical, but my wife had seen Jessica for different issues over the years so I figured that I had nothing to lose.  I am now your biggest fan.  As many people have described in their testimonials, my symptoms improved remarkably.  However, I was most surprised by the fact that I also had better energy and felt more efficient in my work and thought processing than I had in years.  I most appreciated the comprehensive approach, attention to detail, and commitment to significantly improving my overall health (even when I wasn't as committed!!)." 


"I threw out my neck and back right before the holidays and could barely move.  I had been doing acupuncture for decades but we had just moved to the Back Bay so I just looked for the closest acupuncturist in my neighborhood so I could hobble over.  Jessica came in to take me on a Sunday!  I really felt better after about five sessions but kept coming as I discovered that acupuncture was also helpful for some hot flashes that were becoming a nuisance.  I most enjoyed Jessica's sense of humor and encouragement to try Pilates despite my protests that I was "too old" to try a new type of exercise.  Well, I now love Pilates just as much as I do my new acupuncturist.  My dear, I am now stronger than I was at 45 as you predicted!  How about facial acupuncture next?"


"I'm so happy my mom introduced me to you...and now you are taking care of my daughter.  Her eczema is almost a thing of the past.  Thank you for the care that you have given to our family over the years."

— SUSAN L., AGE 43

"I was having irregular periods and after a year of trying to get pregnant, I decided to see my OBGYN to see if anything was an issue.  I expected her to refer me to IVF since so many of my friends had done IVF to get pregnant but she referred me to see Jessica.  I started acupuncture which I found to be tremendously relaxing.  In the meantime, Jessica worked with my OBGYN to have additional testing.  They came to the conclusion that I potentially had a previously undiagnosed case of PCOS.  I continued with the acupuncture as Jessica guided me through changes in my everyday life.  This included diet modifications, stress management, as well as helping me to remove various chemicals from my day-to-day existence that have been linked to PCOS.  It took awhile, but we were pregnant after nine months and I am now so grateful having gone through the experience. I know that I will be welcoming our first child into a much healthier and toxin-free home!"

— JOSIE W., AGE 32

"I first started seeing Jessica following the birth of my daughter.  Although we welcomed a healthy and happy baby girl, I did not have a positive birth experience and to make things worse, I discovered that I had injured my sacroiliac joint and herniated several discs in my lower back.  I started to see her twice a week because the pain was so debilitating and I was having a hard time carrying and picking up my daughter.  As the pain slowly improved, Jessica created an at-home exercise program for me and walked me through every single exercise herself, making small corrections anytime my body tried to cheat.  The exercises were so hard-I didn't think I would ever do much else!  She was incredibly encouraging and sure enough, about 8-10 weeks later, I was able to carry my daughter for normal periods of time and was having significantly less discomfort.  At some point, Jessica asked me whether I had experienced any pain over the prior week and I laughed when I realized that the answer was: "None at all!"  She pushed me again to substitute Pilates for our then weekly acupuncture sessions.  At some point, we became pregnant with our second and I was terrified that a second labor and delivery would leave me debilitated again.  Jessica helped me find a different practice that was much more supportive and understanding of my first labor experience.  I did acupuncture again for four weeks prior to my labor.  Between the acupuncture, Pilates, and a great midwife, I was able to deliver a healthy boy without any complications.  I can't believe how quickly I bounced back following my delivery.  I am now happily carrying a 15-pound baby and chasing a toddler around without pain!" 


"I was in a terrible bike crash during a race and completely wrecked my shoulder.  When I woke up the next day, I could barely turn my head or move my arm.  I had a huge race coming up in less than two weeks and missing it was not an option.  I was looking at months of training going down the drain.  I saw Jess four times for acupuncture.  She recommend some diet changes and supplementation to help the pain and inflammation.  She also referred me to someone that could do Kinesio Tape and massage.  On the day of the race, I still had some residual soreness but I was happy to just be on the bike.  I PR'd which was totally unexpected and a shock to the entire team.  I hope I never have another wreck like that but I know who to call if I do!  Acupuncture is awesome stuff."

— BLAKE W., AGE 28

"My husband and I want to extend our deepest thanks.  We came to you on our last hope and IVF cycle.  As a physician, we were both so impressed by the high level of care we received and by your willingness to pick up the phone and connect our caregivers. Each step of the way, you gave us your honest opinion as to why you thought we should make various changes and why it would be possible for us to have children.  I can't believe that we are the proud parents of twins."

— EL

"I was referred to Jessica through a mom that I met through the Holistic Moms Network.  Since having children, I had always had a series of colds and flus that seemed to never end!  I felt so relaxed after the first session that I left my keys and jacket in the was February!  I don't remember ever experiencing such a deep sense of relaxation.  In the weeks following, I found that my sleep improved and my energy just seemed so much better.  The most surprising was that my cycles had always been irregular and I started to have a regular period for the first time at age 36.  I made it through the cold and flu season with just two minor colds-a minor miracle since I am with young children every day!"