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Jessica L. Molleur is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and massage therapist in Massachusetts and California.  She currently maintains a private acupuncture practice in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood, which was awarded Best Acupuncture Center by Boston Magazine. Areas of specialty include women's health, pregnancy, infertility, pediatrics, and sports medicine. Jessica also serves as a health care consultant for integrative medical institutes, infertility centers, and green spas.

Prior to her consulting work, Jessica founded an integrative health center in Boston. The eco-friendly center was one of the first twenty-five companies certified as a Sustainable Business Leader in Boston. The center was the recipient of several awards, including Mayor Menino's Green Business Award, a multiple recipient of Boston Business Journal's Best Workplace, Boston Magazine's Best of Boston Award for Massage Therapy as well as Best Acupuncturists in Boston, Best Eco-Friendly Massage, Eco-Beauty Bar, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Pilates, and Workout.



Performance vs. Outcome Goals

From the desk of Jaylin Allen, Certified Personal Trainer... Some people feel better about goals they have complete control over. These are performance goals such as exercising four times a week, eating whole foods, eating breakfast, or drinking eight glasses of water a day. You may find it very satisfying to know at the end of the day that you have accomplished all of your goals for the day. As you continuously perform these goals they will most likely lead to the outcome that you desire.

On the other hand, some people do not find it very inspiring to think about the "work" they have to do to get to their desired outcome. They prefer to focus on their desired outcome, what they will receive for all of their work. This could be fitting into clothes again, being able to do twenty push-ups, feeling good in a bathing suit, or having confidence and energy to name a few. That’s what gets them to do their workouts, fill their plates with nutritious food and take care of their health.

The point it, find which type of goal motivates you – and use it to keep you moving towards what you really want - that is the way to succeed.

Jaylin Allen, CPT

Jaylin Allen is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). She has worked in the fitness industry for over eleven years and is also a Certified Spin Instructor through Mad Dogg Athletics. Jaylin is known for creating a unique training experience. She takes a personalized interest in her clients, providing guidance and support to help them reach their goals in ways that extend beyond their training session. She transforms a private training studio into a space that allows the client the freedom to discover their potential. Jaylin believes that a balanced approach to fitness is a more efficient way to transform the body. She is dedicated to helping her clients gradually incorporate healthier habits into their lifestyle. She designs training programs that not only enhance physical fitness and sport performance but also improve one's quality of life and well-being. She knows the importance of creating a fitness program that fits into your demanding schedule. Her energy, enthusiasm and passion will motivate you through the challenging sessions.