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Jessica L. Molleur is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and massage therapist in Massachusetts and California.  She currently maintains a private acupuncture practice in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood, which was awarded Best Acupuncture Center by Boston Magazine. Areas of specialty include women's health, pregnancy, infertility, pediatrics, and sports medicine. Jessica also serves as a health care consultant for integrative medical institutes, infertility centers, and green spas.

Prior to her consulting work, Jessica founded an integrative health center in Boston. The eco-friendly center was one of the first twenty-five companies certified as a Sustainable Business Leader in Boston. The center was the recipient of several awards, including Mayor Menino's Green Business Award, a multiple recipient of Boston Business Journal's Best Workplace, Boston Magazine's Best of Boston Award for Massage Therapy as well as Best Acupuncturists in Boston, Best Eco-Friendly Massage, Eco-Beauty Bar, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Pilates, and Workout.



Antioxidants A-Z

From the desk of Jessica L. Molleur, Lic.Ac., DNBAO... What's in a polyphenol? A carotene or limonoid?  These difficult to pronounce, multi-syllabic words pack quite the nutritious punch and are call antioxidants. Diets rich in antioxidants have been shown to be protective or therapeutic in the following conditions listed below.  Found in many foods of color as well as other sources, these wonder chemicals can do a body good.  Here's a quick list to get you familiar with just a few.

Conditions Helped By Antioxidants:

  • Heart Disease
  • Strokes
  • Cataracts & Macular Degenration
  • Age-Related Immune Dysfunction
  • Most Chronic Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Diabetes


PhytoChemical                  Action                                                                                                                  Sources


Allylic Sulfides                       Inhibits Cholesterol Synthesis                                                                       Garlic


Carotenes                                Enhances Immune Function                                                                          Vegetables of Color including carrots, kale, winter squash, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, apricots & cherries:

Catechins                                Aid the Immune System, Linked To Low GI Cancers                               Green Tea, Berries

Coumarins                               Antitumor properties, Enhance Immunity                                                  Carrots, celery, fennel, beets

Dithiolthiones,                       Block cancer-causing compounds from damaging cells                         Cruciferous veggies-kale, broccoli, & Brussel sprouts

Indoles                                     Induce protective enzymes that  deactivate estrogen                                  Cruciferous Veggies

Isoflavonoids                          Block estrogen receptors                                                                                   Soy & Other Legumes

Lignans                                    Modulate Hormone Receptors                                                                        Flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, whole grains, nuts & seeds

Limonoids                               Block Carcinogens                                                                                              Citrus Fruits

Lycopenes                              Stop progression of various cancers                                                                Tomatoes

Polyphenols                          Block carcinogen formation                                                                               Green Tea, Chocolate, Red Wine

Sterols                                     Block production of carcinogens                                                                      Soy, nuts, seeds



PhytoChemical                  Action                                                                                                                  Sources


Flavonoids                              GENERALLY: Anti inflammatory, anti-allergenic,

Proanthocyanidin                  Prevents destruction of collagen in skin & connective tissue               Grapes, blueberries & pine bark

Oligomers                                skin & connective tissue

Quercitin                                 Reduces effects of inflammation                                                                     Onions

Citrus Bioflavonoids            Improves Blood Circulation                                                                              Citrus Fruits

Gingko Flavonglycosides        Protects brain & vascular lining                                                                Gingko

Silymarin                                 Antioxidant protects liver                                                                                Milk thistle

Anthocyanidins                      Protects the eyes                                                                                                Blueberries

Procyandins                            Lowers blood pressure, reverse artherosclerosis                                      Hawthorne Berry

Jessica L. Molleur, Lic.Ac., DNBAO

Licensed Acupuncturist

Jessica L. Molleur is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and massage therapist in Massachusetts and California. She holds a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, CA. Her training also includes a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of California at Davis, CA. Jessica first became interested in acupuncture as a soccer player searching for an alternative to knee surgery.

She is a National Diplomate of Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Chinese Herbology through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Following her acupuncture licensure, she became a Diplomate of Acupuncture Orthopedics. This orthopedic specialty certification is held by fewer than 300 acupuncturists in the United States. Areas of specialty include women's health, infertility, pediatrics, and sports medicine. For patients interested in learning more about acupuncture for fertility and IVF, please click here.


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